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If you wish to pay by Bitcoin, send money to the following Bitcoin address. This address is randomly selected from a list. As transactions are received, new addresses will be used.

Bitcoin address: 1F13NCPcFKjJ7oy36zc2vBTtqoQCBPpAPH

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Here's a tally of donations. We're not listing names or email addresses to maintain people's privacy.

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2008-03-23100t via PayPal
2008-12-0310t via PayPal
2009-02-0310t via PayPal
2009-11-1110t via PayPal
2010-01-285t via PayPal
2010-02-0315t via PayPal
2010-05-195j via PayPal
2010-06-021.5t via PayPal
2010-07-3021.25t via PayPal